Coaching Support

— More spaces available soon! —

This online 1:1 coaching service provides you with the tools that you’ll need to become a stronger and more resilient version of yourself. Benefit from structured individualised training programmes designed with your goals and constraints in mind. If you’re looking to make sustained improvements in your overall power and strength progress through bespoke research based practices, then contact us below. 

Having someone in your corner gives you: 

Weekly periodised strength programming informed by principles from sports science literature, flexible online instruction, 

Weekly technique assessments, 

Weekly adjusted programming to match your progress, 

Support to increase confidence and remove the stress from implementing fitness training,

Weekly performance evaluation on session videos, 

Regular personalised feedback on messaging platforms,

Accountability and guaranteed progress.

Here is the path to start your strength journey:

  1. Register your interest below,
  2. Fill the comprehensive survey that will help us to interpret your goals, current training level, challenges, requirements, and training history,
  3. Join a consultation call to establish the areas that we’d work on together, and have any of your questions answered, 
  4. Decide to sign-up to coaching! You’ll receive an action plan which will map out the direction and approaches for your training,
  5. Receive your first set of programming plans. It’s go time!
  6. The journey continues – follow the programmes and receive weekly feedback and adjustments to your training, as well as video technique analysis, for as long as you want (there are no tie-ins). As you progress you’ll be able to benefit from a growing training archive which will help to inform your development.

(Contingent on availability of spaces)

No fad weight loss tricks, no gimmick diet plans, just data-driven strength focused coaching.
We’re not a big global corporate outfit, that’s one of the reasons that we don’t charge the earth. In order for us to provide a bespoke and devoted service we commit to only support a limited number of lifters. For this reason we take the time to make sure that your goals align with our coaching. Register your interest below to see if you’d like to JOIN THE TEAM!