Strength Training Webinar – Quidditch

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of developing a webinar for the QuidCon 2021 virtual conference looking at the vital role of strength training in building better athletes – “Why and How to start Strength Training“. It has been great to hear feedback and interact with people from all over the globe on this presentation 🌎.

You can now find the full recording here!

Trying to fit in as much information as possible into a 1 hour time slot was a difficult task (this actually overran by 12 minutes 😅) but we managed to cover:

– An introduction to resistance training

– The benefits of strength training for athletes and general populations

– Research from publications on mainstream sports

– Why strength training is important for the sport of Quidditch

– How strength programmes are designed

– How to perform key compound exercises

– Steps for progressing from a complete beginner & without gym membership

– Highlighting novice strength programmes

You can also find a document full of all of the references and resources described in the presentation here.

As people continue to look to improve themselves and the sport of Quidditch we hope that more athletes seriously consider adding structured programming into their training.